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It happened. You want to start doing manicures yourself and you decided to buy a hybrid lamp. So you started browsing the available offers in search of your dream device and ... you got lost in models, prices, technologies praised by various manufacturers. It all may seem complicated, but with a little help everything will become clear to you.


Hybrid & gel nail lamp LED 54W EXCELLENT SL Hybrid & gel nail lamp LED 54W EXCELLENT SL
Producer: inny
Price: €30.51
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Hybrid and gel lamp 256W 2in1 LED/UV (1) Hybrid and gel lamp 256W 2in1 LED/UV (1)
Producer: inny
Price: €32.05
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Hybrid and gel lamp 256W 2in1 LED/UV Hybrid and gel lamp 256W 2in1 LED/UV
Producer: inny
Price: €25.38
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There are devices with various parameters available on the market. A good lamp for hybridization is essential when doing manicure. Adequate power guarantees even hardening of the varnish and the shape affects the comfort of work. What type of hybrid lamp is best for you? We already explain.

How to choose the right lamp for hybrids?

When you decide to buy a lamp, you will probably come across two types of lamps: LED and UV. What are the differences? The uv lamp for hybrid is an older type of equipment. It takes a relatively long time to harden nail polish, about 2-3 minutes. Additionally, UV lamps have bulbs which need to be regularly replaced.

Currently, this technology is abandoned in favor of more modern - LED and Dual LED. The latter lamps should be able to harden lacquer or gel even in 30 seconds.

If you already know what type of lamp you should use, now let's think about the power. A lamp for home use (not for professional use) should be about 50W. How much does it cost?

The price of a hybrid lamp may surprise you. The cheapest ones you can buy on the internet for... a dozen or so zlotys. The cheapest will be the so-called bridge, which is a lamp for hybrid manicure, which usually has diodes located only at the top. The most important thing to remember is that you can't just use the lamp on your own. This small hybrid lamp will work well during a holiday or business trip. However, for everyday use it is better to choose a built-in, full lamp. Why? When you put your hand into a built-in lamp, the diodes shine on it from all sides and at different angles. This ensures accurate hardening of the paint. Using a bridge, however, you need to make sure that the light falls perpendicularly on the nail. Otherwise polish from the top may seem hardened, but on the side of the nail will remain liquid and it is a simple way to get an allergy to hybrids. Remember also that intensively used lamp should be replaced with a new one every 2 years. This equipment, like any other, wears out and over time it may start to glow less brightly.

Why you should choose our hybrid lamps

In our online store you will find a large selection of equipment for stylists. The hybrid manicure lamp is available in many models, with different wattages and in several color versions. This way, you can choose the equipment that best meets your expectations.

How much does a good quality hybrid lamp cost? If you have a budget of around 100 PLN you can choose from our offer one of several lamps available below this amount - for example one that has a motion sensor or a display. If you decide to buy a uv lamp for your hybrid, you will pay less than 50 PLN for it.

Our most popular led lamp for hybrids is also part of a kit for hybrid nails. Such a kit contains, in addition to the lamp, also polishes, top and base and other necessary products. This will be a good choice for those who are just starting out with hybrid manicure.

How to order a hybrid lamp from Cosmetics Zone

If you still haven't decided which lamp for hybrid nails will be best for you, ask our specialists for help. Cosmetics Zone team will be happy to advise you on the choice. Which lamp will work for both gels and hybrid nail polish and what to pay attention to? Shopping in our online store is fast and convenient. Just add the lamp and other products of your choice to the shopping cart. Then pay the order the way you like: with an instant or traditional bank transfer or choose cash on delivery.

The led lamp for hybrids can be at your place the next day. How is it possible? We send packages even on the same day. The package can be delivered to the address you specify on the next day.

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