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Hybrid top should be durable and scratch resistant. It protects your nail polish against unsightly scratches or even worse, discoloration. All the time you wear your manicure it should shine beautifully and bring out the color's depth.

No products matching your criteria have been found.

Once you've tried different products, you'll know which hybrid top is best for you. But what to look for when choosing one for the first time? We'll explain - you'll find all the information you need here.

Which hybrid polish top to choose?

Base, polish and top for hybrid nails - this is the inseparable trio you need for a hybrid manicure. Each of these elements is important, so even when doing your nails in a big hurry, you can't skip any of them. A hybrid top coat is the culmination of the entire nail design and without it, the effort you put into creating beautiful nails will quickly go to waste.

But what to look for when searching for the perfect product? In our offer you will find different types of tops. How to find your way around them? We can help you! A no wipe top is one that will not stick after drying in a hybrid lamp. It has no dispersion layer, so it does not require rinsing the nail with a cleanser. It will save you a few minutes when styling your nails. A classic top for hybrid nails has a dispersion layer, so after taking it out of the lamp, the nail plate needs to be washed with a cleaner. However, its price is usually lower than the no wipe top.

During the summer season when shopping for hybrid products it is worth adding SunBlocker to your cart. During the time when the sun heats up more, it is worth that the top for hybrid nails should have photoblockers. It's a special UV filter that protects the polish color from discoloration.

If you like a lot of action on your nails, go for a matte top. Underneath the hybrid you can use a base coat with shimmering particles. The combination of matte and glitter allows to achieve a really great effect! Check it yourself.

Why choose our hybrid tops?

As a manufacturer of hybrid varnishes we know how important is a good quality product. If it is also important for you that cosmetics are of the highest quality, but at the same time at a reasonable price, these are the products designed with you in mind. Reaching for our top for hybrid nails you can be sure that it is safe and will last long on the styling.

Behind our brand are thousands of satisfied customers who are with us for years. Many of them have a history of hybrid allergy and it is thanks to our polishes, bases and tops with delicate ingredients that they were able to return to their favourite manicure. We are very proud of that!

How to buy top coat for hybrids in Cosmetics Zone store?

In our online store you will find a huge selection of hybrid polishes and nail design products, such as bases, conditioners, but also files and lamps. You can comfortably order all this while sitting at home on your couch.

The maximum lead time for your order is 24 hours. This means that if you order products during company working hours, the package will be sent even on the same day!

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