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The pillar of a decent manicure is of course a good hybrid nail base. Hybrid bases are different - colorless and colored, building. Some have the addition of glittering particles. A real head-turner!

Hybrid bases

So choosing a good product is not such a trivial task. It is natural that the first steps in the subject of hybrid nails, you wonder what product to put in the basket and how much costs a hybrid base that meets your expectations. Rest assured, you'll find all the information you need here.

Which is the best base coat for hybrids?

The base for hybrid polish is a product without which the whole styling cannot be done. It is an absolutely essential element and the durability of your manicure depends on it. No wonder you want to choose a good product. First of all, however, read which base for hybrid nail polish will work for which nails.

Classic hybrid base coat - is perfect for natural nail plate. One that does not require extensions and is strong enough on its own. This base for hybrid nails is quite thin and covers the plate only with a thin layer. So it won't provide the strength that brittle nails need. However, if your nails are quite hard - you can safely use it. It is also an excellent choice for people who are prone to irritation or have allergies to hybrid nail polish. The composition of this product is extremely delicate.

Hybrid builder base is a wonderful invention for every woman who dreams of long nails. Your natural ones are weak and brittle? Now it is not a problem, because with its help you can easily extend your nails at home. This method is much easier than adding gel extensions. The effect will really surprise you! The product is thick, which makes it easy to apply. You can choose a hybrid base coat in a color closest to your plate, e.g. delicate pink or beige. It will be a perfect base for natural hairstyles. A base coat under hybrid polish of a color that is the same as your nails can be a great decoration. Add a top coat on it and a quick manicure is ready! You can choose from several colors and some of them have crazy, shimmering flecks. Its price is 38 PLN - 39 PLN.

Base for special tasks - this product is dedicated to very demanding nail plate. If your nails are very brittle or the plate is extremely greasy (base falls off the nail), this is it - a strong base under hybrid Expert Base can save your manicure. Its properties make it perfectly melts into the plate, filling micro cracks.

What distinguishes Cosmetics Zone hybrid bases?

In our online store you have a really wide selection of bases for hybrid manicure. Attractive price and excellent quality of products - you can be sure of that while placing an order in our online store. All our bases, polishes, tops and gels are free from three highly allergenic preservatives: formaldehyde, toluene and DPB.

How to buy a base coat in Cosmetics Zone store?

In our online store you can buy products without leaving your home. If you are a registered user of the store, you will be able to view the history of your orders from the level of your customer account and take advantage of the benefits offered by our loyalty program.

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