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If you have come here, you are probably interested in the topic of hybrid manicure. It is perfect, because here you will find everything you need for perfect hybrid nails.


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Before you get the necessary accessories and choose your favourite colors, it is worth getting to know the subject in more detail. Perhaps this will be your first contact with hybrid. So if you are wondering what is hybrid varnish and how it will look on your nails - below we have all the necessary information on this topic for you.

What to look for when choosing a hybrid varnish?

The world is constantly moving forward, and the cosmetics industry along with it. Hybrid nail polish, which modern women have come to love, is different from the traditional polish, which our mothers and grandmothers used to paint their nails. Fortunately, the era of chipping and long drying enamels is over! Hybrid nail polish owes its extraordinary popularity to its durability. It is cured with LED or UV lamp, so you do not have to wait tens of minutes until it dries thoroughly. After a while you can enjoy a beautiful and durable nail color!

When buying a hybrid polish for the first time, rather than experiment with extravagant shades. Reach for already proven colors. Remember that a manicure will accompany you for a dozen or so days (even up to 4 weeks). So if your workplace doesn't accept flashy colors, nude or natural pink shades will be perfect.

It is also worth paying attention that all hybrid products - base, color and top - are of the same brand. That way you can be sure that all the layers of your manicure will go well together. After all, that's why you reach for a hybrid polish, to enjoy beautiful nails for weeks!

When you first meet hybrid nail polishes, it's a good idea to make things as easy as possible with them. So choose products that provide good coverage and will not flood the cuticles.

Why is it worth reaching for Cosmetics Zone nail polishes?

Along with the growing popularity of hybrid, the number of places where we can buy them has also increased.

How to find yourself in a wide offer and choose the best hybrid nail polish? First of all, let's reach for products with a proven, safe composition. Each of our products contains the 3free formula. This means that you will not find formaldehyde, toulene and DPB in the formula. These substances are considered harmful and are often the cause of allergies.

Probably in addition to product safety, its appearance will be important for you. We understand this perfectly, which is why we constantly expand our palette. New colors of hybrid varnishes appear every season. Thanks to that your varnish collection always contains the most fashionable seasonal shades.

How much does a hybrid varnish cost? You can buy hybrid varnish for 17,99 zł in regular price. If you like bargains, have a look at our outlet store. You will find dozens of products at very attractive prices. You can buy hybrid nail polishes from PLN 9.99 and nail decorations from PLN 1.

How does shopping look like?

In our online store you can buy not only hybrid polishes, but also all the accessories needed to perform a manicure - lamps for hybrid and gel, files, polishers, dustless cotton balls, hybrid removers.

Our staff will be happy to advise you on the right color of nail polish, or help you choose a product. You can instantly place an order through our online store. This is the most convenient method for people who feel comfortable with online shopping. For regular customers, we have prepared a loyalty program - with each purchase you collect points that can later be exchanged for selected products from our range.

If you feel more comfortable talking to a consultant, you can order products by phone or e-mail.

We carry out shipments quickly - a parcel will be sent to you within 24 hours of receiving payment. We offer delivery by courier, to a parcel machine and through the Polish Post Office. It is also possible to send a parcel abroad (the price depends on the parcel weight).

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